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October 2015 Meeting – “Genealogy Wikis and Wikipedia”

Posted by hrgenealogy on November 4, 2015

Technical difficulties plagued Dave Barton’s “Genealogy Wiki’s” presentation on Tuesday, November 3, 2015, but the forbearance of a large and enthusiastic audience saved the day. Thank you to everyone who attended for your kind attention and your curiosity.

Genealogy TreeWikis enable communities to write documents collaboratively using a simple markup language and a web browser. The “community” can be the world, as with Wikipedia, or a smaller group, such as a corporation, governmental organization—or the genealogy community.

Family Search Logo


During Dave’s presentation, we learned how Wikis work, and saw firsthand how three types of Genealogy Wikis work:

WikiTree: a genealogy wiki.


Unfortunately, we did not have time to create a Wikipedia article during the presentation, but Dave gave us a peek “behind the curtain” at the edit page for an article he had created for his ancestor, mathematician Suzan Rose Benedict.

Wikipedia logo 2

Thanks again to everyone who attended. If you were not able to make the meeting, you can peruse the presentation slides at HRGS Genealogy Wiki’s & Wikipedia Presentation.


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  1. […] If you’re interested in learning about Wikis used for genealogy, check out my slides on the HRGS Website. […]

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