Highlands Ranch Genealogical Society

Highlands Ranch, Colorado


HRGS Application


3 Responses to “Join HRGS”

  1. Andree Swanson said

    I am interested in joining your group. When is your next meeting?

  2. jay dunn said

    When do you meet?
    Who can I call about finding out more info?
    I assume you meet at library in HR.
    Where is the info posted?

  3. Hello,

    I work on restoring old photos that have been damaged. I also provide photo scanning services so that people can have digital copies of their old photos. I was hoping you could pass on my contact information to your members for their information in case they would like to make use of my services. I offer rates that are lower than most, if not all others in the local area. I will also provide them with an additional 10% discount if they mention that they received this information from your society. Please check out my website for addtional information and let me know if you have any questions.

    Phone: 303-927-7482

    Thank you!
    Photo Embrace by Tucci

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