Highlands Ranch Genealogical Society

Highlands Ranch, Colorado


Current officers of the Highlands Ranch Genealogical Society are:

President                                                          Linda Boyle

Vice President/Programs                              David Barton

Secretary                                                           Barbara Finnegan

Treasurer                                                          Anita Gilman

Membership                                                     Allen LaMothe

Communications Committee                       Dave Barton

To request information or contact an officer, please use the comment form below.

15 Responses to “Officers”

  1. Gary Davis said

    Dave – This website really looks great. Well organized, good color and theme.

  2. Nancy Craig of PPGS said

    Hi! I’m helping James Jeffrey with the Vogels Award for the Council seminar in late September. Toward that end, I will be sending a letter to the Delegate (Deanna?) and President of each Council member society. I will need Gary’s e-mail addy ASAP, please. Thank you very much. Sincerely, NancyC in Colorado Springs

  3. Gary Davis said

    I assume you want Gary Conoryea’s email. That is
    We probably should add that to the new website. I thought it was there.
    Gary Davis

  4. Anita Gonzales said

    Please share and or forward this information to anyone who may be interested:

    Birdie Monk Holsclaw (1948-2010) was a Certified Genealogist from Longmont, Colorado. She was very active in the genealogical community not only locally but nationally as well. She was most known for her mentoring spirit and knowledge of the latest technological gadgets. She often lectured and, among other things, taught classes at Samford University. She was active in many societies always bringing her cheerfulness and sharing her knowledge everywhere she went.

    The books from Birdie Monk Holsclaw’s private collection are being auctioned at eBay. They being sold to raise money for the Birdie Monk Holsclaw Memorial Fund, administered by the Colorado Council of Genealogical Societies (CCGS), the purpose of which is to support genealogical education and volunteerism through three avenues:

    • to sponsor the NGS Birdie Monk Holsclaw Memorial Lecture at the annual NGS Conference in the States

    • to provide a scholarship to Samford University’s Institute of Genealogy & Historical Research

    • to acknowledge a living volunteer with the Birdie Monk Holsclaw Memorial Award to be awarded by CCGS at the annual seminar

    You should be able to locate books at eBay simply by searching for “Birdie Monk Holsclaw”. They will be listed under Books>Non-Fiction with “genealogy” as the description if you have trouble finding them. Be sure to click the box for “include description”.

    Or, use this link to connect you directly to this site on eBay:


    The entire collection is quite large, so only a small sampling of books will be listed at a time. Check eBay regularly for new listings. The collection should rotate through eBay over time. You may also wish to save your search on eBay so that you will receive an email every time a new Birdie Monk Holsclaw item is listed.

    Proceeds from all book sales from Birdie’s collection are going to support this fund. We appreciate your purchase!

    Anita Gonzales

    Boulder Genealogical Society

  5. Gary Davis said

    Many thanks to three of our current officers who will be leaving office: President Gary Conoryea who has kept the ship afloat and with the IT skills of Dave Barton has brought about a fresh, resourceful new website;
    Secretary Dave Barton who has done double duty with minutes, notices and website development, and now will soon be our new President;
    Membership coordinator Nancy Click who fearlessly maintain our roster, attendance and name tags and arm-twisted for dues collection.

    Thank you all for your service, for all the members.

    Gary Davis

  6. Carol Darrow said

    Can someone in your group provide a beginning genealogy presentation to the Highlands Ranch Moms with Multiples group? It’s been difficult to find someone in your group to contact!

    • Gordon Taylor said

      I would be happy to make a presentation on genealogy. I recently joined the group and am also a part of the Senior Genealogy club at the South Ridge Rec Center.

  7. Karlene Howell Ferguson, program chair, Boulder Genealogical Society said

    Question for Meegan Koepsell and Ginni Rinker, program chairs
    Did you feel the Maria Sutton’s story was a good one for a genealogical society? Is the author a good presenter?
    Karlene Howell Ferguson
    Program Chair, Boulder Genealogical Society

  8. At the meeting on Tuesday the gentleman sitting at the reception table asked a question about how to handle same-sex marriages in Legacy software. The answer to that question is found in the last issue (Sept. 2015) of Family Tree magazine on page 54.

  9. Ann Ramage said

    I am the program chair for Foothills Genealogy Society. Do you have contct info for Lanie Tiffenbach. I would like to have her speak at one of our meetings. Thanks, Ann Ramage

  10. HI Dave or anyone from the HRGS

    My name is Nancy, and I am a board member of the Highlands Ranch Historical Society.

    We have been asked to help promote this event, to be held at the HR Library:

    Subject: Genealogy DNA Classes at the Highlands Ranch Library

    April 14, 21 and 28 – 6:30 pm – 3 part program on DNA Genealogy with Deena Coutant at the Highlands Ranch Library

    Curious about doing a Genealogy DNA test? This three-part program will help you understand which test to choose, how to interpret test results, and some of the science. Nationally-known genealogist Deena Coutant will explain what testing can tell about our ancestors.

    Here’s the link to sign up:

    The poster is attached. (It is attached to the email that i sent Dave)

    We’d love a record turnout, but there are only 75 slots each week (it’s a series – best to attend all sessions.)

    Hence, my email notification to you. Hoping that you will promote it to your Genealogical Society members!

    We do have it on our Historical Society website:


    Thanks Dave, Nice to meet you electronically.
    I hope to attend your April 5 presentation, and of course meet you in person.
    (Since Shaun is presenting that April 5 program, I would suspect she will be promoting the DNA Series too)

    Nancy Linsenbigler
    Highlands Ranch Historical Society

  11. Brad Morrison said

    This is a wonderful website. Informative and well-organized. Not meant as a criticism, but I would suggest reversing the (time) sequence of responses, such as I am making here, so that the latest one appears at the top of the column. That way one could immediately see the latest “news”.

  12. Norma Turner said

    I am in need of professional help to install the new version of Ancestry.com and wonder if you could direct me to someone who might help. I have a very large data base and 25 years of work and at 82 am just afraid to tackle it alone.

    Incidentally, I was a founding member of your group and an officer for quite a few years, although I am no longer active.

    Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    Norma Turner
    720 344 0615

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